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Canada Cedar Fence Panels: Superior Quality, Low Price

Cedar is a popular choice for fences because it has beautiful, tight grains and fewer knots than other types of wood. It goes well with many different kinds of home designs as well so there are no issues if you want to match your new fence to your home’s exterior once it has been installed. Cedar is a warm and sumptuous kind of wood which adds elegance and a robust character to outdoor spaces.

Why not boost your property value with a fresh new cedar fence? Cedar is considered a luxury that many homebuyers are willing to pay for, and they favour it over wood because of the way it can keep moisture and mildew to a minimum. When you’re selling your property and want to pump up its worth, investing in high quality building materials such as cedar could prove very beneficial in making sure you get the best price possible!

• High quality and Durable.
• Weather resistant.
• Low Maintenance.
• Easy to Install.
• Natural Beauty.

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Standard sizes are 4', 5', 6' high, by 8' wide. Custom sized panels can also be built to order.



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garth prouse
garth prouse
Excellent service. Followed clear instructions. Was on time and did the job fast and efficiently . Would recommend them to anyone! Top quality work!
Dhillon Prabh
Dhillon Prabh
Excellent job experience.